About me:

I’m Aram, a 17 year old amateur extra class operator. My call is AG2V,  originally KD2LHG and K1RKX. I’m interested in radio and electronics stuff, hiking/camping, photography, and flying. I’m a cadet member of the Civil Air Patrol.

I am active on all of HF excluding 60m and 160m, with SSB, CW, and digital modes. My main radio is an Icom IC-7000 with a matched LDG autotuner. I also have an IC-751 and a TS-530s. For VHF/UHF FM I have an Anytone mobile, and of course a Baofeng. I’ve also got an MD-380 for DMR.

My current HF antenna is a doublet, which was not measured but I think it’s around 55′ long, and about 40-50ft high. It performs very well on 40m-10m, and I can even get dx on 80m sometimes! I live in the suburbs of New York City, so noise is high, but it pulls in stations pretty well. I also have a small 2 element beam for 2m, though it doesn’t perform amazingly.

This is just my website for blogging mostly about ham radio but I will include a non ham radio section for just posting whatever I feel like posting.