About me:

I’m Aram, a 15 year old amateur extra class operator. My call is K1RKX, originally KD2LHG. I’m interested in radio and electronics stuff, hiking/camping, photography, and flying. I’m a cadet member of the Civil Air Patrol, which means I can get flight lessons paid for by the US Air Force.

I am active on all of HF excluding 60m and 160m, with SSB, CW, and digital modes. I also have a 2m all mode radio(TS-700a) and a KLM 140w amp($25 hamfest find).  I’ll be putting up a 3 or 4 element yagi soon. For HF, I have a Kenwood TS-530s, a hybrid with 6146b finals. I really like this radio, but it has many drawbacks(weight, 120vac requirement, size…), so I want to get a Yaesu FT-817/817ND. I also have a couple of V/UHF mobiles and handhelds, including an MD-380 for DMR.

My current HF antenna is a doublet, which was not measured but I think it’s around 55′ long, and about 40-50ft high. It performs very well on 40m-10m, and I can even get dx on 80m sometimes! I live in the suburbs of New York City, so noise is high, but it pulls in stations pretty well.

This is just my website for blogging mostly about ham radio but I will include a non ham radio section for just posting whatever I feel like posting.

73 de K1RKX