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About Me:

Hi, I'm Amelia. I've been a licensed ham since 2016, and I'm active on HF, VHF, and UHF when I can be.

I'm studying Electronics Technology at a community college, but that's not my main focus - I'm doing flight lessons at a nearby airport. I hope to finish my private pilot's license nearby and then move on to a more serious flight school for my commercial license and other ratings. Eventually, I'd like to fly for my career.

I have a lot of other hobbies in addition to amateur radio, and this website is where I can document them and post any other content I find interesting or relevant.

QTH: FN20wu

QSL: Paper, LOTW - contact for other methods.

Email: [email protected]

Click here for my PGP public keys.

Visit My GitHub for some random useless stuff and nothing of any actual interest to anyone, really.

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