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WR2R - The Rutherford Radiosport Group

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About Me

I'm Amelia, and this is my mostly ham radio-related website, with all of my other projects or anything else I want to post online included. I've been licensed for about 4 years, and I'm active on HF, VHF, and UHF. Currently I'm at college for my first year, and I haven't brought any radios. Next semester, I plan to bring CW radios for 20M and 40M, and I'll throw in a Baofeng as well. Perhaps I'll even try to bring my IC-7000.

I'm studying Aviation with a Professional Pilot focus - AKA I'm training to be a pilot. Once I graduate and finish all of my ratings, I hope to become a corporate pilot, and fly private jets.

Callsign: AG2V

QTH: FN20wu(Home), FM29fe(College)

QSL: Paper, LOTW - contact for other methods

Email: [email protected]

To-do list

Visit My GitHub for some random useless stuff and nothing of any actual interest to anyone, really.

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